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Unlike soil, sun, and air, water is something that has to be provided for the plants regularly because it’s not always provided by Mother Nature. You can do the watering the hard way with conventional watering cans or you can do it the easy way with irrigation.

To put it simply, an irrigation system is a more convenient way of watering plants. Common irrigation systems use in landscaping is surface, sprinkler or overhead, and drip irrigation. Watering the plants is vital for spreading nutrients from the soil to the plants, for triggering germination, and to make photosynthesis possible.

Various Options for Irrigation System

The choice of irrigation for your landscape will depend on the type of plants, contour of the area, kind of soil, climate, and other elements found in the landscaped area. Below are some of your options in choosing an irrigation system for your backyard.

Sprinkler Irrigation. There are variations of this type of irrigation system. You can opt for rotating sprinklers or the fixed spray sprinklers. Another type is the drip and micro sprinkler which is a cross between drip irrigation and spray nozzles. This irrigation system is common and cost less to install. However, it consumes more water and is costly to maintain.

Micro or Drip Irrigation. This type of irrigation system is preferred by most clients in Florida because it consumes less water. Micro irrigation is also referred to as drip irrigation. It helps in maintaining the landscape at a lower cost. Drip irrigation uses pressure regulated emitters so the volume of water is controlled. Since it is placed close to the ground, there is less water loss from wind or evaporation. Soil erosion is also prevented.

Trickle Irrigation. This irrigation method gives better control of where the water will go, thus also promoting water conservation. This irrigation method uses a hose that is laid on the ground. This hose has nozzles for each plant. But instead of placing the nozzles overhead, these are buried into the ground so that water will go directly to the roots. Better control with trickle irrigation is achieved by fine-tuning the system underground.

These are some of the irrigation system that can be used for your garden or landscape. However, several factors must be considered when picking an irrigation method. Otherwise, immeasurable problems will occur.

If you are a busy person, you can opt for irrigation system that can be set at a particular day or time. If you want a more effective irrigation, then you can choose the drip irrigation. For budget conscious, the sprinkler type of irrigation will do. But these irrigation methods must be installed properly to avoid frequent maintenance.

Pick a Company with Expertise in Irrigation System

Be sure to pick the best irrigation method with the help of Ultimate Pavers. We are licensed, authorized, and certified professionals for all your irrigation needs. We have been designing, installing, and maintaining all phases of irrigation in Tampa, Florida. Can’t wait to have the best irrigation system? Give us a call today or ask for free irrigation estimates.

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